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Freezing Instructions

Don't let your cookies go to waste! If you find yourself with extra cookies after your event or your event gets unexpectedly rescheduled, freeze them to enjoy again at a later date. My cookies freeze beautifully and will last for several months in the freezer if stored properly.


Place cookies in an airtight container layering cookies in between sheets of parchment paper (If cookies are individually wrapped, there is no need to use layers of parchment paper). I like to use the large rectangle plastic containers you can get at the grocery store.



Place the entire airtight container into the freezer. Cookies can be frozen like this for many months.



When ready to defrost, take the airtight container out of the freezer but DO NOT OPEN THE LID until the cookies have come completely to room temperature (8-10 hours). Opening the lid while they are still cold will cause condensation to form on the cookies which may cause colors to bleed. 



Once the cookies are at room temperature, open the container and enjoy!

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